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Custom Cable Tray
What is cable tray?

Cable tray is a rigid structure system which provides channel to protect the cable where the cables are needed, such as factories, office buildings and working sites.

Available custom cable tray
  • Ladder cable tray system
  • Solid Bottom cable tray system
  • Channel cable tray system
  • Wire Mesh cable tray system
  • Custom perforated cable tray
Materials for cable tray

We can provide customer's required materials within our reach. However, from our long-term experience of manufacturing cable tray, we recommend the following options for you:
1. Steel: 304 or 316L stainless steel are available, which can be galvanized.
2. Aluminum: as a common light-weight material, 6063-T6 alloy or 5052-H32 alloy are both available.
3. Fiberglass fiber reinforced plastic.

Do we provide cable tray accessories?

Yes, we do. Straight-in cable tray can be laid horizontally or vertically. We can provide joints, elbows, tees, crosses and risers. Each of these fittings is available in various radial and bending angles.
ToMa aims to provide support system solutions for indoor and outdoor cable, electricity, signal, communication and optical fiber cable. The products shown in product list only are the cable tray we have done before. We provide more options for custom cable trays.