GCK Switch Cabinet

 GCK Switch Cabinet

GCK low voltage draw-out type switch cabinet is widely used in power plants, substations, metallurgical industries, high rise buildings and other places. It applies to the distribution and motor control of power system with AC, three-phase four-wire or five-phase three-wire, 380-660V. Applications include power receiving and feeding, reactive power compensation, energy measurement, lighting, and electronic concentrated engine control system.
GCK switch cabinet meets International Standard IEC439, China National Standard GB7251.1 'Low Voltage Switchgear and Control Equipment', and JB/T9661 'Low Voltage Draw-out Type Switchgear Equipment'.

Available cabinet dimensions, door excluded (Height*Width*Depth):

GCK1Switch Cabinet: 2200*600*800mm
GCK2 Switch Cabinet: 2200*600*1000mm
GCK3 Switch Cabinet: 2200*800*800mm
GCK4 Switch Cabinet: 2200*800*1000mm
GCK5 Switch Cabinet: 2200*1000*800mm
GCK6 Switch Cabinet: 2200*1000*1000mm

Structure Specification:

Cabinet is modular assembly. Supports are assembled by C-type profiles, also known as KB-type profiles. 8MF-type profiles, also known as KS-type profiles, are also available.
Main bus bar lies horizontally at the top of the cabinet. Cabinet roof can be opened. Cabinet is equipped with a back door. The adoption of outgoing wires at the rear makes it convenient to assemble and maintain.
Cabinet protection grade is IP3X-4X.
Drawer unit circuit rated current is less than 600A, of which half of drawer units maximum current can be up to 100A.

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