Cable Bus, Cable Tray Manufacturer In China

Beijing ToMa International Trade Co., Ltd. is one of China's leading suppliers of electrical industry accessories. Founded in 2005, we offer cable trays, bus ducts, power distribution cabinets, low voltage switch cabinets, electric wires, junction boxes and accessories for a variety of applications. With over a decade of experience we have accumulated great expertise allowing us to perfect out products as well as our production process. An that we take great pride in is that our products have been featured in the Bird Nest built for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Come visit us today, and see what we can do to assist you in finding the optimal solutions to meet all of your cable tray equipment needs. Details

  • What is cable tray?

    Cable tray is a rigid structure system which provides channel to protect the cable where the cables are needed, such as factories, office buildings and working sites.

  • Available custom cable tray

    Ladder cable tray system
    Solid Bottom cable tray system
    Channel cable tray system
    Wire Mesh cable tray system
    Custom perforated cable tray

  • Materials for cable tray

    We can provide customer’s required materials within our reach. However, from our long-term experience of manufacturing cable tray.